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Sister Farhat Amin's Books Bundle - 5% Discount

Sister Farhat Amin's Books Bundle - 5% Discount

Author: Farhat Amin

Farhat Amin (author)

Publisher: ilmStore - Urdu

This is a bundle for all three books of Sister Farhat Amin's books. This bundle includes following books:

  1. Smart Teenage Muslimah
  2. Smart Single Muslimah
  3. Hands Off Our Hijab

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Detailed Description

Sister Farhat Amin's Books Bundle is a collection of her three bestselling books - Smart Teenage Muslimah, Smart Single Muslimah, and Hands off Our Hijab. Sister Farhat Amin is a renowned author and her books are a must-read for every Muslim woman.

In Smart Teenage Muslimah, Sister Farhat Amin provides guidance and advice to teenage Muslim girls on how to navigate through the challenges of adolescence while staying true to their Islamic values. Smart Single Muslimah is a book that provides a comprehensive guide to single Muslim women on how to find a suitable partner while staying true to their beliefs. Hands off Our Hijab is a powerful book that sheds light on the importance of the hijab and why it should be respected.

All three books are beautifully written and offer empowering content that will inspire Muslim women to become more confident in their faith. Sister Farhat Amin's Books Bundle is a perfect gift for any Muslim woman who is looking for guidance and inspiration in her life.

Order now from and get access to Sister Farhat Amin's empowering writings at a discounted price. With this bundle, you will have all the tools you need to become a stronger and more confident Muslim woman.