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Hands Off Our Hijab: Putting Liberal Hypocrisy on Trial

Hands Off Our Hijab: Putting Liberal Hypocrisy on Trial

Author: Farhat Amin

Farhat Amin (author)


Through this book, readers will learn how to deal with situations where their hijjab is questioned or challenged. It provides practical guidance on how to respond to negative stereotypes, media propaganda, and societal pressures. The book also shares inspiring stories of Muslim women who have successfully defended their hijjab and overcome obstacles in their journey. Written in an easy-to-understand language, "Hands off our Hijjab" is a perfect read for anyone who wants to learn more about hijjab and how to defend it. This empowering book is a must-read for Smart Teenage & Single Muslimahs. Order now from and learn to defend your hijjab with confidence.

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In 2021, under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, France had the audacity to ban Muslim women and girls under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab in public. What was the response from the liberal progressive world? Shameful silence. So as Muslim women, how should we react to this attack on our Islamic dress code? Why do non-Muslims politicians and governments hate our hijab? How can Muslims individually and collectively support the challenges sisters are facing? These are the questions discussed in this book, and it puts liberal hypocrisy on trial. It is hoped that Muslimahs make sense of the challenging situation and take back control of the narrative. Contents 1. A Very French Inquisition 2. Historical unveiling of Muslim women by colonialists 3. Time to play offence against the anti-hijab squad 4. Critiquing Headscarves & Hymens by Mona Eltahawy 5. Material girls 6. Too afraid to wear hijab? 7. Good hijabis shatter stereotypes 8. India and the hijab ban