Our vision is to lift the status of our Ummah to the level at which our beloved Prophet ï·º left us. We know that’s impossible. But we also know the vision for an organization must be something we can’t achieve in our lifetime, otherwise once that vision is achieved, that organization will become visionless.


The principal aim and purpose of our endeavor is to teach the Muslims all the things the Holy Prophet ï·º had brought with him, i.e., to integrate the Ummah with the whole of the practical and conceptual structure of the Islam. This is our primary objective. To achieve this we like continually inspire people specially kids and millennia’s to read and engage with Qur’an and Islamic texts as they now interact with social media.

We would also like to create and inspire a community of readers and takes an active role in reading promotion in the community and holds regular book clubs, reading sessions and author sessions.

About ilmStore.in

‘ilmStore.in is a publisher of Islamic books, online e-commerce & education platform. We are collaborating with leading Islamic publishing houses in the western world and printing their best-seller publications in India.

We are also creating and selling Islamic wall frames and wall arts to help people realize a God-conscious life.

Finally we request you to make Duā for this project and share you valuable feedback.

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